Roasted Bamboo & Artichoke with Black Garlic

Description Bamboo is one ingredient readily available in China, and thanks to China’s ‘panda fame’, it’s almost a kind of symbol of Chinese cuisine. In the UK, when I was growing up, Chinese takeaways were hugely popular. As a child, I was familiar with bamboo shoots as being those perfectly rectangular bland and slightly crunchy…… Continue reading Roasted Bamboo & Artichoke with Black Garlic

Mung Bean & Lime Hummus

Description If you struggle to find chickpeas in the supermarkets in China, try making hummus with the delicious mung bean, a type of green soya bean. It works just as well and takes advantage of the local healthy ingredients. Mung bean are an excellent source of vegan protein and also feature in the Indian vegan…… Continue reading Mung Bean & Lime Hummus

Legume & Sour Vegetable Pate

Description  This receipt is an ideal light, vegan snack to share and enjoy before a meal or with an aperitif. This recipe serves 2. Preparation Time 10 minutes Ingredients Legumes*, 120g  Fresh cucumber, 1/2  Fresh rocket leaves or coriander, a handful Green olives, a handful  Capers, a handful  Small pickled gherkins, a few  Fresh dill…… Continue reading Legume & Sour Vegetable Pate

Hemp Seed Pesto

Description There is so much talk about hempseed being a good vegan protein source, and as far as taste goes, I quite like the taste. A cross between the sunflower seed and pine nut, in it’s shelled variety it is easy to sprinkle on salads, Oatmeal Variations, Mish-Mash, Fruit & Yoghurt as a garnish. But I…… Continue reading Hemp Seed Pesto

Eight-Treasures Rice with Vegan Chia Caviar Dressing

Description Eight-treasures rice has been a great find during my time in China, and one of the few easily available organic ingredients in the local supermarkets. Typically, it is used for a sweet rice pudding-type traditional dish at New Year’s. I enjoy it instead of plain rice with a meal because it is a nutrient-rich…… Continue reading Eight-Treasures Rice with Vegan Chia Caviar Dressing

Yunnan-Style Potato Tian & Spicy Pickled Vegetables

Description I didn’t actually make this one, but like all Yunnan food I’ve tried, it’s delicious, so I asked for the recipe. It was one of the many delicious dishes my partner and I tried in a charming little Yunnan restaurant in Beijing, called ‘Yushu’ down a side street off Wanfujing. It’s actually very very…… Continue reading Yunnan-Style Potato Tian & Spicy Pickled Vegetables

Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade

Description Sun-dried tomatoes and olives remind me of my childhood. It doesn’t matter where I travel and live, I get regular cravings for these antipasto items: sott’olio (under oil) or sott’aceto (under vinegar). Olives, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, aubergines, bell peppers and courgettes sott’olio were staple snack foods in our home growing up. When I lived…… Continue reading Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade

Steamed Wholegrain Rice with Furikake-style Rice Seasoning

Description Furikake is a type of rice dressing, a very common pantry item in Japan. When I lived there I bought the little jars of spicy pickles and salted plums, the nori sheets (nori seaweed pressed sheets for making sushi), and make my own makeshift rice and vegetable sushi. I’ve seen families do this in…… Continue reading Steamed Wholegrain Rice with Furikake-style Rice Seasoning

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