Beetroot Soup with Duck Egg & Vegetable Garnish

This recipe is very rich and hearty, it’s the recipe I serve to meat-eaters who are sceptical of vegetarian cooking. They find it quite satisfying as it’s very satiating. I think it’s best served with cooled cucumber water in springtime. It could also be served as a cold soup in summertime. This recipe serves 2.

For the soup
Mineral water, 1.5 litres
Large sweet potato, 1
Beetroots, 4
Celery stalks, 3-4
Large carrot, 1
Sweet paprika, a pinch
Chilli powder, a pinch 
Sea salt and/or celery salt, to taste 
Ground black pepper, to taste 

For the garnish
Organic duck eggs, 4
Capers, a handful
Green olives, a handful 
Cherry tomatoes, 4-5 
Celery stalks, 2
Pickled cucumber (homemade or bought it fine), 2
Fresh cucumber, 1
Spring onions, 3-4 
Fresh dill, a handful 
Fresh coriander, a handful 
Apple cider vinegar, a drizzle
Extra-virgin olive oil, a few drizzles 
Any other seasoning(s) of your choice, to taste 

Preparation Time
45-55 minutes

1. Hard boil the duck eggs and set aside to cool down.
2. Boil the mineral water and season.
3. As you wait for the water to boil, roughly chop the vegetables and add the to the boiling water.
4. Allow the stock to simmer for about 15 minutes on a low heat.
5. Add more water if necessary and leave to simmer for around 15 more minutes.
6. In the meantime, finely chop all the raw vegetables and herbs for the garnish.
7. Peel and quarter the duck eggs and add to the garnish mixture.
8. Season and mix the garnish well and then set aside.
9. Taste the stock, if you are happy with the flavour, take it off the heat. If not, season a little more to your liking.
10. Separate the cooked vegetables and the broth, pouring the stock into a measuring jug and the vegetables into a blender.
11. Whilst blending the vegetables, slowly and continuously pour the stock into the blender until the consistency of the soup is to your liking.
12. Pour into a bowl and add 2-3 tablespoons of the duck egg & pickled vegetable garnish on top.

By Dr. Gabriella F. Buttarazzi (Uma Shakti Devi)

Teacher Teacher Trainer Educational Researcher Writer Wildling Mother Mushroom Avocate

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