Description Granola is delicious with natural yoghurts or milks, and even alone as a quick breakfast or snack when you’re in a rush. It’s not totally healthy however, despite containing healthy ingredients, for a few reasons: The olive oil, honey and maple syrup are oven-baked, which changes their health properties. Olive oil is best consumed raw,…… Continue reading Granola

Almond Smoothie

Description Many people I know skip breakfast because the thought of eating a large meal at the start of the day is unappealing. It’s true that on a weekend day, a heavy breakfast is not always necessary for a fuel kick before a busy working day, but eating something, no matter how small, is a…… Continue reading Almond Smoothie

Baked Avocado Eggs

Description Most people don’t recommend baking or grilling avocados, for two reasons: they are extremely nutrient-rich when raw and their taste becomes slightly bitter. Nonetheless, avocado oil is heat-stable and has a high smoking point. If yours are getting a little soft, this is one way to enjoy them, baked and stuffed with eggs and…… Continue reading Baked Avocado Eggs

Black Sesame & Green Smoothie

Description This is a very common combination in East Asian drinks. Matcha (a pounded green tea powder originating from Japan) and black sesame, a favourite flavour for many sweet dishes. Matcha powder, like other green teas, is high in anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidant levels higher than those of spinach or blueberries. Matcha, is an intense, bitter…… Continue reading Black Sesame & Green Smoothie

Fruit & Yoghurt

Description This is a satiating and refreshing breakfast, one of my personal favourites. Yoghurt, especially goat’s milk yoghurt, is a nice breakfast choice, yoghurt is tasty and goes well with any fresh or dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Be careful not to buy yoghurts that contain added sugar, the fruit provides more than enough sweetness…… Continue reading Fruit & Yoghurt


Description This is actually a recommended cleanse from a friend Deborah (from a French book known as The France Guillain Method). It’s called Miam-O-Fruitsand because of my limited ability to speak French, I had to try out her instructions and some youtube videos. As far as I know, the book has not been translated into English, but…… Continue reading Miam-O-Fruits

Hot Chia Seed & Walnut Rice Milk

Description A light breakfast when you’re not that hungry or if you’re not really a breakfast person. Both the chia seeds and the walnuts are rich delicious foods. Dubbed the ancient food of the Mayans, these seeds have become extremely popular I recent years. Their gelatinous, smooth texture when soaked makes them an ideal ingredient…… Continue reading Hot Chia Seed & Walnut Rice Milk

Mandalade & Apple

Description This is a refreshing, vegan breakfast. I discovered it several years ago on the Metabolic Balance® health programme, a whole foods German health programme. Perhaps it’s a German recipe because I’ve never seen it elsewhere before. Mandalade is like a paste or nut butter made from almonds and seed mix (pumpkin seed & sunflower…… Continue reading Mandalade & Apple


Description Similar to the Miam-O-Fruits recipe, but messier, this is basically a combination of any of those nutritionally charged dried foods you have, like some of the following tossed over fresh fruit: ground seeds or nuts hemp seed (containing the globular complete protein Edestin and so a great source of vegan protein) goji berries (14% protein) bee…… Continue reading Mish-Mash

Oatmeal Variations

Description Oats are a noble pantry staple. I always try to ensure I have an energetically-charged breakfast with one portion of protein and a dollop of extra-virgin coconut oil for sustained energy during the day (for it’s ability to combat hunger). The portion of protein consists of either seeds or nuts, milk or yoghurt, all…… Continue reading Oatmeal Variations

Passionfruit On-The-Go

Don’t let anyone tell you the Chinese aren’t inventive. I love the way they prepare and exploit ingredients. Apart from all the meat-eating in modern China which seems to be more a symbol of prosperity than a tradition in many richer parts of China, I think that here I’ve seen some of the most inventive ways…… Continue reading Passionfruit On-The-Go

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