Description The vegetarian foods that are best suited to marinades include tofu, seitan and other meat-substitutions, Asian mushrooms and tempeh. These ingredients absorb the flavours of a marinade very well and the longer you leave them the more delicious they become. A marinade is basically the same, flavour-wise, as a dressing, but I would refrain…… Continue reading Marinades

Natural Yoghurt

Description  I’ve already mentioned the health benefits of eating natural yoghurts in the Fruit & Yoghurt breakfast recipe. Depending on where you live, it might be difficult to find a yoghurt brand that is suitably nutritious, that is, a yoghurt that: Contains the culture ‘lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus’ and ‘streptococcus thermopiles’. Does not contain artificial colours,…… Continue reading Natural Yoghurt

Plant-Based Milks

Description In China, dairy products are not typically a part of the daily diet, though they are widely available and very popular more and more these days. I would generally avoid them, for a number of reasons, sorry to those dairy lovers and vegetarians. Many mainstream supermarkets offer various choices in good quality non-dairy-milks, including…… Continue reading Plant-Based Milks

Chinese Red Date, Walnut & Spiced Kumquat Bite

Description All of these ingredients are easy to find in China, even in the organic variety. Chinese red dates (Hóngzǎo, 红枣) are a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) staple, often recommended for menstruation regulation. They are commonly known as Jujube (Jojoba) and rather expensive outside of China. Those from Xinjiang province are my favourite variety, much more…… Continue reading Chinese Red Date, Walnut & Spiced Kumquat Bite

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