Chia Fresca Variations

When I lived in Mexico, chia seeds were available everywhere. So cheap and so abundant in cooling drinks sold at local street food stalls. I wasn’t aware of their health benefits at the time, but I certainly enjoyed drinking the refreshing chia fresca and licuados on hot sunny days. Now, chia seeds are available in many health food stores as well as in many mainstream supermarkets in many countries.

Chia Fresca can be anything you want it to be, change the accompanying ingredients depending on your mood. It is very hydrating and I personally like the texture of the gelatinous seeds. It reminds me of the not-quite so healthy Taiwanese bubble tea made from Tapioca pearls, some of my favourites are at Gong ChaGong ChaGong Cha, but Chia Fresca is much healthier and not loaded with sugar and cream.

Chia Fresca is the ideal drink for days when you are travelling, or very busy. The chia seeds are rich in protein and omega-3, extremely satiating and also aid digestive function. I usually make a batch and keep it in the refrigerator and enjoy it to cool down or when slight hunger pangs start between meals on busy days. This one pictured is made with pulped raspberries.

This recipe serves 2-4.

Preparation Time
20-5 minutes

A refreshing liquid of your choice*, 1 litre
Chia seeds, 4 tbsp
Anything else you fancy**, to taste

  • Some healthy options include coconut water, green tea, lemon water, lavender water, tamarind water and peppermint tea (and many many more). The list is endless really.
  • *You can do as you wish with these ingredients, depending on your tastes. For example, if you like eating raw ginger, you simply need to finely slice and add it to the liquid before mixing. If you prefer ginger juice, you need to blend it with the water and then remove the pulp before adding the chia seeds to the liquid. For soft fruits like watermelon and fresh berries, you can simply blend them in the liquid of your choice to create a smoothie-like texture before adding the chia seeds.

1. Add the ingredients of your choice to the liquid of your choice and either blend or stir until well mixed.
2. Add the chia seeds to the mixture and stir well. If you use a bottle, it’s easier to stir well by simply shaking the capped bottle rigorously.
3. Leave the chia seeds to soak for at least 20 minutes.
4. Enjoy chilled during the summer months.

My Three Favourite Chia Fresca Recipes

Recipe 1
Green tea, 1 litre
Raspberries, a handful
Lemon, juiced, ½

Recipe 2
Chia seeds, 4 tbsp
Pu-er tea, 1 litre
Fresh ginger, 1 nob
Goji Berries, a few
Orange, juiced, ½

Recipe 3
Fresh mint, a few torn leaves
Sea salt, a pinch
Limes, juiced, 2
Raw local honey, a drizzle
Coconut water, 500ml
Peppermint tea, 500ml

Please Note
The chia seeds are slippery little things, difficult to soak and they absorb the liquid very quickly, just add more water and/or give the mixture a good shake if the liquid isn’t liquify enough and/or the chia seeds don’t soak evenly.

By Dr. Gabriella F. Buttarazzi (Uma Shakti Devi)

Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Writer and Educational Researcher

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