Chinese Yam Chips

Also known as Chinese yam, burdock root is the ideal shape for making chips. I usually only see burdock as a dried tea ingredient for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health recipes, although I do see it regularly in the supermarkets and at the markets.

A common root in China, burdock root is light in taste and texture. Like many other Chinese roots, it is low-GI and therefore a good alternative to the white potato.

The seasoning is an adaptation of a very typical (and tingly) barbeque seasoning I’ve tried in many places in China. It is brushed onto a number of satay-style ingredients before barbequing. The Sichuan pepper really makes it, it makes your lips tingle and it adds an unusual flavour dimension to any seasoning or marinade in my opinion.

Preparation Time
20 minutes

Burdock roots, cut into 15cm pieces, 2-3
Extra-virgin coconut oil, 2 tbsp + a little for oiling the baking tray
Sichuan pepper, crushed, 1-2 tbsp
Cumin seeds, 2 tsp
Caraway seeds, 1 tsp
Fennel seeds, 1 tsp
Ground thyme, 1 tsp
Ground sage, 1 tsp
Ground allspice, 1 tsp
Crushed red chilli flakes, 1 tsp
Garlic cloves, minced, 3
Sea salt, to taste
Ground mixed pepper, to taste

1. Pre-heat the oven to around 180 degrees celcius.
2. Clean the burdock roots well, removing the rough woody strings gently without removing the skin itself.
3. Half the burdock roots lengthways.
4. Mix all other ingredients together and rub over the burdock roots. If the coconut oil is not liquid, you can heat it up first before rubbing over the burdock roots.
5. Place on a well-oiled baking tray and roast for 15 minutes or until golden around the edges and still plump looking.

Serve with my Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade as pictured.

Alternative Options
Substitute the green herbs for any other dried ground herbs you have, such as chervil, bay leaf or oregano.

By Dr. Gabriella F. Buttarazzi (Uma Shakti Devi)

| Founder and Director of Education of ' The Art of Integral Being' | Teacher Trainer on the '500-hour Integral Yogic Studies' Teacher Training Programme |

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