Dragon Fruit Boat

This is a wonderful fruit and it actually features in a lot of my meals. It’s in abundance in East Asia, and the red one (rather than the white one) is nutrient-rich. Like all red and purple fruits, red dragon fruit is high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. Growing up, lychees were my favourite fruit, and a rare treat in the UK when I was young. I love their squiggly texture and subtle soapy taste, and thankfully, living in China I can get hold of them quite easily as well as their cousin, the loganberry.

The dragon fruit peel is great to use as a plate, my friend Dawn feeds her little one Ariana half a dragon fruit with nothing but a spoon, nice and simple, the way many of us enjoy kiwi fruits.

This is so easy but looks inviting, a great summer starter or even dessert when you have friends over, or at a picnic on a warm day. Serve with chilled Prosecco on special occasions.

Red dragon fruit, 1
Calamansi citrus, a handful
Lychees, a handful
Asian basil leaves, a handful

Preparation Time 
5 minutes

1. Peel the lychees and cut the calamansi citrus in half, then set aside.
2. Cut the red dragon fruit in half, and using a melon ball scooper, make as many balls from the flesh of the red dragon fruit as you can.  Ensure you remove all of the flesh from the peel (you can freeze the left over flesh and use it to make smoothies, like my Dragon Fruit Yoghurt Smoothie (Lassi) later).
3. Arrange neatly and add the Asian basil leaves for garnish.

Add blueberries if they are in season, or alternative add some honey coated raw hazelnuts for something a little richer.

Alternative Options 
Add melon ball scoops of vegan sorbet to the boat, like my Mango, Hazelnuts & Coconut Iced Bites.

By Dr. Gabriella F. Buttarazzi (Uma Shakti Devi)

| Founder and Director of Education of ' The Art of Integral Being' | Teacher Trainer on the '500-hour Integral Yogic Studies' Teacher Training Programme |

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