University Research & Writing

Doctoral Thesis 
The Integration of Self-Inquiry Meditation into Higher Education: Between Philosophy and Practice, Beyond Mindfulness, Towards an Embodied Curriculum


Journal Articles
Adding Lemon Juice to Poison – Raising Critical Questions about the Oxymoronic Nature of Mindfulness in Education and its Future Direction (British Journal of Educational Studies, co-authored)

Peaceful Warrior, We Need You: Supporting Students with Loving-Kindness and Self-Inquiry Meditations for Diversity and Change (forthcoming, sole-authored)

University Teaching

Courses (10-credits)
Mindwork: Practical Self-Inquiry for Examining Relationships with the Self & the Other

Courses (20-credits)
Media and Texts: Society
Media and Texts: Culture

Courses (non-credit bearing)
Fresher’s Week: Yoga and Meditation for Nourishing the Whole You
Fresher’s Week: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Three Girls TV Series: Mindful Explorations of Identities

Workshops (non-credit bearing)
Contemplative Reading: The Heart of the Tao
Diversity in Action: Loving-kindness & Self-inquiry in the Face of Gender & Sexuality Issues


Work in Communities & Universities