Hatha Yoga Pradipika

हठयोगप्रदीपिका: haṭhayōgapradīpikā | proper noun |  Also translated as “Light on Hatha Yoga”, Hatha Yoga Pradīpikā is a classic Sanskrit fifteenth century manual on Hatha Yoga written by Svāmi Svātmārāma. It is one of the most influential surviving classic texts on Hatha Yoga. In Hatha Yoga Pradīpikā, Svātmārāma introduces his system as the preliminary stage for physical purification that the […]

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  | noun | Jivanmukti refers to the assimilation of self-knowledge, in the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism, and thus liberation with an inner sense of freedom while living. The state is the aim of moksha in Advaita Vedanta, Yoga and other schools of Hinduism, and it is referred to as jivanmukti (Self-realization).Jivanmukti contrasts with the concept of […]

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