Integral Yoga Studies® ~ 500-hour Fast-track for Qualified Yoga Teachers

This ‘slow and deep’ 500-hour Teacher Training Programme in Integral Yoga Studies® has been crafted for those who wish to qualify as advanced yoga and meditation teachers while also supporting their own spiritual wellbeing.

DURATION: 9-months part-time

LOCATION: OmNom, Islington, London

ACCREDITATION: Yoga Alliance Professionals


We are here in this world to learn and know through service to others. 

This teacher training programme develops teachers—slowly and deeply—to embody the conscious awareness required for their living teaching practice. It is this very conscious awareness that is required for an Integral Yoga Studies® teacher to be able to hold space for their students, teach creatively and sustain resolve. 

Integral Yoga Studies® is an extremely thorough teacher training programme that adopts teaching and learning approaches that are creative and experiential, incorporating a broad range of activities and ancient and modern practices. In addition, this programme offers trainee teachers six study pathways for specialisation to facilitate the formation of their identities as newly qualified teachers.

The presentation and exploration of knowledge and experience is universalist, inclusive and accessible, while also honouring and respecting all traditions, their cultural origins and historical roots.

This programme is designed specifically to help trainee teachers feel confident, creative and ready to share the benefits of the practices with others in their communities and real-world contexts. 




Today, many teacher training programmes—albeit ubiquitous, accredited and professionally packaged—are failing their students. Many newly qualified yoga teachers do not feel sufficiently confident to begin teaching while most qualified yoga teachers never actually teach formally at all. The length, breadth and depth of this programme in Integral Yoga Studies®, prepares trainee teachers both experientially and theoretically over a period of 2-years (24 weekend retreats) plus 1-year of unlimited personalised post-graduation Mentoring at no additional cost. 

There is no such thing as haste on the yogic path. Haste lacks consciousness, and yoga is the path of consciousness. This is one of the eight laws of the integral yogic path and an attitude that is unwavering in our teaching and supporting learning on the programme. 

The level of ongoing support provided to our trainee teachers through accessible and diverse face-to-face and online learning spaces is one important feature of this teacher training programme. This support never ends for our alumni who remain connected through our student and teacher through our Community of Practice, post-graduation Mentoring, the Advanced Mentoring Scheme and other forms of Continuous Professional Development

The programme is taught by a diverse group of qualified, experienced teachers and researchers trained at doctoral level who are also members, community partners and fellows of internationally recognised professional bodies and organisations. 

Learn more about the practice of integral yoga of the Dharma Ananda tradition, one of the many branches on the great tree of yoga. The philosophy, principles, techniques and methods of integral yoga form the basis of the teaching practices on this programme.

Finally, ethics is taken very seriously in Integral Yoga Studies®. Firstly, the ethics of practice underpins the entire teacher training programme and is continually revisited. Secondly, the ethics of teaching is an area that is given a great deal of attention in order to prepare trainee teachers for their real-world living practice as teachers for life.


Email the Director of Education, Dr Gabriella F. Buttarazzi (Uma Shakti Devi) at or telephone on +44(0)7506 534661. Alternatively, you can attend one of the free online introductory talks advertised via our Eventbrite page to have all of your questions answered.

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