This is actually a recommended cleanse from a friend Deborah (from a French book known as The France Guillain Method). It’s called Miam-O-Fruitsand because of my limited ability to speak French, I had to try out her instructions and some youtube videos. As far as I know, the book has not been translated into English, but there are many online resources on how to prepare this breakfast. The preparation process need not be laborious, but the instructions and explanations given by France Guillain are extremely detailed, pages and pages of information! Hopefully I’ve summarised the most important here.

The idea behind it is that the combination of foods help to regenerate and active the cells by replenishing essential fats. The banana, when oxidised (through liquifying) allows the assimilation of protein, trace elements and minerals. Adding lemon juice provided vitamin C, and is also an anti-oxidant. Adding flaxseed oil offers you a daily supplement of omega 3 fatty acids, nourishing the cell membranes which are composed of 60% fatty acids, and also helps to eliminate free radicals. The ground seed & nut mixtures offer plenty: protein (all nuts and most seeds), magnesium (especially form the pumpkin seeds) and essential fats (flaxseed). The sesame seeds (raw and ground) provide us with heaps of assimilable calcium.

A very complete breakfast, and on trying this myself, I have found that my overall complexion has improved. Energetically speaking, fruit and seeds/nuts are an ideal combination for their acidic-alkaline balance.

Thank you Deborah, I have to say it’s a great recommendation, such a delicious and energising breakfast, it tastes a lot nicer than it looks! It goes without saying that all ingredients should be as fresh as possible, and the seeds raw and natural.

The most common fruit toppings I’ve seen include apple, pear, mango, strawberry and pineapple. Since I currently live in China though, I tend to use sweet and colourful tropical fruits; the Chinese version of Miam-O-Fruits pictured above contains pink guava, mango, red dragonfruit, physalis (inca berries) and the humble pectin-rich pear.

Raw pumpkin seeds, 2 tbsp
Raw sunflower seeds, 2 tbsp
Raw almonds, 2 tbsp
Raw sesame seeds (white or black), 2 tbsp
Banana, 1
Extra-virgin cold-pressed flaxseed oil, 1 tbsp
Lemon, juiced, 1/2
Fresh fruits of your choice, finely chopped, 3-4

Preparation Time
10 minutes

1. Grind the almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flaxseed in a coffee grinder (or prepare in advance and store in a tightly-sealed container ready for use). Set aside for later.
2. Chop the banana and spend a few minutes mashing it up with a fork. It will liquify and change colour (to a light brown colour), this means it has oxidised.
3. Add one tablespoon of cold-pressed flaxseed oil and 2 tablespoons of the seed & nut mix, as well as the juice of half a lemon.
4. Stir well so you have a smooth pulpy mixture.
5. Add your chopped fruit on top and sprinkle with a little more ground seed & nut mix for garnish.

You could add different kinds of nuts or ground chia seed to the mix too. On winter mornings, you could serve this on top of plain millet porridge (cooked only with hot water).

Alternative Options
If you don’t have a coffee grinder, there is a great brand of ground seed and nut mixes, ideal for adding to yoghurts and porridge, called Linwoods Health Foods. I recommend having a packet or two of their mixes around for busy mornings, they’re excellent and good value for money.

By Dr. Gabriella F. Buttarazzi (Uma Shakti Devi)

Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Writer and Educational Researcher

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