Millet & Flaxseed Porridge

Also known as linseed, I am surprised that this ingredients is easily found in most countries I have visited or lived in. They have a delicious nutty texture, and if soaked, like the chia seed, become gelatinous. An ideal ingredient to add to porridge or ground and sprinkled on top of fruit. These ground seeds, and their omega 3 fatty acid-rich raw oil, feature in the French banana morning cleanse Miam-O-Fruits. There is no need to take an omega 3 supplement if you incorporate these seeds into your daily diet. In addition, they supply us with a little extra dose of dietary fibre, containing compounds that help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and strengthen bones. Best consumed soaked or ground for better absorption.

Millet is a staple grain in many countries outside of Europe, the least acidic of all the grains, and very quick to cook. It comes in black or yellow varieties (the yellow one looks like couscous), and is a gluten-free alternative to porridge oats. This is my favourite way to enjoy it. Serves 1 when you’re very hungry.

Organic millet, 2 tbsp
Organic flaxseed, 2 tbsp
Homemade oat or rice milk, 200ml
Butternut squash, 20g
Apple, 1/2 grated, 1/2 chopped
Dried golden raisins, a handful
Raw local honey, a drizzle

Preparation Time
10 minutes

1. Soak the millet and flaxseed in the homemade rice or oat milk whilst chopping the squash into cubes and grating and chopping the apple. You need not soak for more than 5-10 minutes.
2. Set the chopped apple pieces aside and pout all other ingredients into a pan.
3. On a medium heat, add the squash and stir well to cook until the flaxseed and millet are of a gelatinous consistency. Millet takes longer about 5 minutes longer to cook than oats, so ensure you check to see if the millet is cooked (treat it like couscous for cooking times but add a couple of minutes).
4. Add the golden raisins and chopped apple, drizzle with raw local honey and serve hot.

Add a pinch of anise, nutmeg or cinnamon if you fancy. Sprinkle with ground flaxseed if you wish. Slice any other fruit you can find and garnish.

Alternative Options
Substitute the honey for raw agave syrup or organic maple syrup. Substitute the rice or oat milk for any other milk (or mineral water if you don’t like any of these or don’t like to make them).  Please Note: some milks do not withstand the heat well so refer to the information on plant-based milks for a better understanding first.

Chinese households tend to make miles porridge with a rice cooker (selecting the porridge setting), which is also a preparation option. It takes a lot longer to prepare, but you can put it on and come back to it when it’s done (after you’ve meditated or done your morning yoga series for example). Add chia seeds, basil seed or hemp seed at the start as well as millet and flaxseed, for extra flavour and texture. Substitute the apple for a finely sliced papaya. You could also substitute the raisins for goji berries.

By Dr. Gabriella F. Buttarazzi (Uma Shakti Devi)

| Founder and Director of Education of ' The Art of Integral Being' | Teacher Trainer on the '500-hour Integral Yogic Studies' Teacher Training Programme |

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