What is Integration?

‘Writing in a journal is one of the oldest methods of self-exploration and expression.’ ~ Daniel Barbezat & Mirabai Bush What is Integration?  Integration is the embodiment of wisdom into the fluxes of daily life. Embodiment is central to integration.  Integration is the embodiment of the wisdom, realisations and revelations that are arrived at from one’s…… Continue reading What is Integration?

Awakening: Fast, Slow & Integral

‘Truth is One, Paths are Many.’ ~ Mahatma Ghandi Paths of Awakening There are many paths for the awakening of consciousness. Some are ancient, some are modern. Some are fast, some are slow, some are integral. The Integral Path is quite different, combining the most accessible and powerful practices in a judiciously creative and culturally-responsive way. Practising…… Continue reading Awakening: Fast, Slow & Integral

Ways To Go Beyond (the Mundane)

‘The universe is not in a steady state; there’s an ongoing creative principle in nature, which is driving things onwards.’ ~ Rupert Sheldrake Science and Spiritual Practices Studies have shown that spiritual practices generally make people feel happier, healthier and support them in leading more meaningful and authentic lives. The concept of spirituality can carry meaning…… Continue reading Ways To Go Beyond (the Mundane)