‘Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.’ ~ Isaac Asimov

Four qualities, eight characteristics, one treeRedefining meditation practices for cultural responsiveness. 


‘Peaceful Warrior, We Need You’Supporting university students for diversity through self-inquiry and loving-kindness meditations. 


grayscale photography of crying woman

A mixed methods systematic review on experiences of loneliness among university students.


Sustained attention: The root of both spiritual and educational practice.

Editorial: Teaching and learning in higher education for times of uncertainty.

Respecting the role of the physical body in teaching and learning. 

Urgent matters of insightUpholding gaps in higher education research, teaching and learning for super-complexity. 

Adding lemon juice to poisonRaising critical questions about the oxymoronic nature of mindfulness in education and its future direction. 

The integration of self-inquiry meditation into higher education pedagogy and curriculum—Between philosophy and practice, beyond mindfulness, towards an embodied curriculum.