Seed Mix, Grated Tomato & Grilled Vegetables

A quick vegan breakfast, which can be prepared with no oil whatsoever if you prefer, and un-toasted seeds instead to restore more of the nutritional value of the seeds. For those of you who prefer a savoury or salted breakfast, this is perfect. Serve these toasted seeds with raw fresh vegetables like grated tomatoes and rye toast or buckwheat or brown rice cakes. Grated tomato (tomate rallado) is a typical breakfast in Spain, something I discovered when I lived in Valencia. It’s so simple, usually served on bread (pan con tomate), with a pinch of salt and drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. All you need to do in cut the tomato in half and grate it into the consistency of a sauce, add sea salt and extra-virgin olive oil and refrigerate. It lasts for a few days, but consume as fresh as possible. This recipe serve 1.

Seed mix (pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds), 8 tsp
Fresh arugula (or spinach), a handful
Mushrooms (button, closed-cup etc.), a handful
Grated tomato (about 1 large tomato), 3-4 tbsp
Fresh chives, chopped, a handful
Ground bay leaves (laurel), a pinch
Sea salt, to taste
Ground black pepper, to taste

Preparation Time 
10 minutes

1.  Season and grill the mushrooms and set aside.
2.  Season and toast the seed mix.
3. Toss the vegetables in with the seed mix and add more seasoning if necessary.
4. Wilt the rocket (or spinach) at the very end on the same grill for a minute or two, and then add and mix all ingredients together.
5. Serve with toasted rye bread or another option (i.e. gluten-free wholegrain).

Alternative Options
You could toast black and white sesame seeds instead. You could also add mashed up avocado to the vegetable mix or as a spread on the toast/crisp bread as well as fennel seeds and ground cumin to the toasted seeds and vegetables.

Please Note
The nutritional properties of the seeds in reduced when they are toasted, serve completely raw if you prefer to maximise the ingredients to their full potential.

By Dr. Gabriella F. Buttarazzi (Uma Shakti Devi)

| Founder and Director of Education of ' The Art of Integral Being' | Teacher Trainer on the '500-hour Integral Yogic Studies' Teacher Training Programme |

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